12/12/2013 12:38 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

'God Loves You:' Home Intruder Retreats After Victim, A Single Mother, Appeals To Faith

A single mother feared the worst when an intruder broke into her home in the middle of the night in Dearborn Heights, Mi. Incredibly, she managed to get him to leave her house using nothing more than the power of her words and her faith, reports WXYZ.

Dearborn Heights police reported that the 38-year-old victim was assaulted while at home, and her astonished neighbors related the amazing story of what happened next to 7 Action News.

Neighbor Julie Wilding said that the woman began preaching the Bible to her attacker, telling him, "God loves you, you don't want to do this." The victim told her neighbor that after she started appealing to him, he left the house, with her special-needs daughter mercifully unharmed. The attacker left through a basement window, reports WXYZ.

"She's a very religious person," Wilding said. "She's very strong in her faith… a really good person." Wilding believes that something special happened that night. "I told her God was watching out for her,” she said. "Someone was watching out for her. To be able to walk away from something like this... by witnessing to somebody and changing the course of what they planned on doing… to just walking away.”

The suspect is still on the loose, though Dearborn Heights police are looking into leads surrounding the incident.



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