12/12/2013 02:53 pm ET

Plastic Surgeon Gives Daughters Botox And Boob Jobs Because Orange County Is The Worst

Lots of parents like to show off their kids, but one California plastic surgeon may have taken his pride a cut too far.

Michael Niccole, a plastic surgeon in Orange County, started allowing his adopted daughter, Charm, to have cosmetic procedures when she was ten years old.

Now, as Barcroft Media reports, Charm and her sister, Brittani, both 25, have gone under their father's knife multiple times -- getting breast augmentations and botox injections at their father's hand.

Gawker maintains that the many procedures have turned the young women into "walking ads" for their father's practice.

Their mother isn't pleased by their fondness of cosmetic procedures, but their dad defends it.

"They've lived in the world of cosmetics, so they understand the importance of looking [good] and maintaining your beauty," Niccole told Barcroft Media.

The young women are inclined to agree.

"Out here cosmetic surgery is a normal part of everyday life. Since I had my boob job all my friends tell me that I look great," Charm said.

Do you think they've gone too far?



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