12/13/2013 01:20 pm ET

Ashley Tisdale On 'The Crazy Ones': She's The Intern From Hell, But She Rules At Beer Pong

The ad agency got a new intern when Ashley Tisdale dropped by as Kelsey, the entitled daughter of one of the agency's biggest clients on "The Crazy Ones." In fact, she only got the job because her dad was such an important client.

Unfortunately her sense of entitlement led to a lot of slacking off, and when Sydney rightfully shouted at her, she ran off.

Afraid that Kelsey would tell her father what happened, the gang tracked her down at a frat party. There, it somehow became a beer pong battle. As Simon was sober, he elected Sydney to drink for him ... and he was terrible at the game. Luckily, drunk Sydney found the perfect solution to convince Kelsey not to tattle: They would give Kelsey a bigger room than her roommate.

Ultimately Kelsey did run to daddy, telling him when he showed up at the agency that this internship had been the worst experience of her life -- they made her work! He told her that this is what he'd wanted to happen. He wanted her to learn that it's important to work hard no matter who your parents are ... but she didn't seem to learn much of anything.

The stars hit Twitter to talk about their experiences filming the episode. Tisdale Tweeted that she had a blast working with Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Williams and Gellar echoed her sentiments with Tweets of their own. SMG even said she's ready to see Tisdale come back.

"The Crazy Ones" is scheduled to return January 2 at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.

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