12/13/2013 09:01 am ET Updated Dec 16, 2013

The 22 Most Awkward Vines Of 2013

These people were way more awkward than you in 2013.

As Vine's first year of existence comes to a close, it's time to look back not at who made the best or most awe-inspiring Vines, but those who were the most awkward. This year we can at the very least be thankful that the rise of Vine allowed more awkward moments to be captured on video than ever before. From "Wrecking Ball" impersonators to Mall Cowboys, we're just grateful that everyone was so willing to share.

1. Seriously underestimating your target.

2. Skateboarding is hard.

3. Boat shoes and khakis in the trap.

4. The Miley impersonator that wrecked us all.

5. Don't dance in front of doors, part 989832991.

6. Why is everybody afraid of love?

7. That tattoo looks permanent.

8. Bladder control issues.

9. Not impressed by what the fox says.

10. An exciting day for the fire department.

11. She shouldn't have trusted his aim.

12. Did we mention skateboarding is hard?

13. Apple Store freakout.

14. One of many things food workers have to deal with.

15. Agent of the year.

16. A new interpretation of a classic.

17. When pranking a stranger gets painful.

18. How to respect other riders on the subway.

19. The car over-enthusiast.

20. The moment Perez Hilton's face realizes what's going on.

21. Nooooooo!

22. And finally the most awkward or all, Al Roker at a Drake concert.



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