12/13/2013 08:33 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

International Data Plans Compared: How Does Your Phone Bill Stack Up? (INFOGRAPHIC)

Being abroad can be an incredible experience. You get to see new sights, immerse yourself in new cultures and, of course, share every photo and memory with your friends.

However, that last part can make or break your trip depending on your cellphone plan. Your smartphone can be a source of joy or the bane of your existence overseas: Will it help you capture every incredible moment, or could confusing charges suck your bank account dry so you can't even spend the time and money creating these amazing memories?

In the below infographic, brought to you with help from our friends at T-Mobile, you can see for yourself how important your wireless plan can be both at home and abroad. Head over to T-Mobile's website to find out more about their Simple Choice international data plan.

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