12/15/2013 10:33 am ET

Beyonce Performs 'XO' For The First Time At Chicago Show

Larry Busacca/PW via Getty Images

Beyonce is wasting no time in incorporating her new album into her tour's setlist. After electrifying the Internet by dropping the 14-song collection at the stroke of midnight on Friday with no prior announcement, Queen Bey is now transferring the royal energy she used to captivate the world to her live performances. She debuted "XO," which will also reportedly serve as the next single released from the self-titled album ("Blow" and "Drunk in Love" are both currently out).

"I'm gonna sing this song, which is a brand new song," Beyonce announced to the crowd on Friday at Chicago's United Center, where she used a call-and-response format to engage the crowd with the unfamiliar track. "It hasn't even been out for 24 hours. I want to sing this to y'all because it was written for y'all."

Beyonce will have ample time to integrate the album into her setlist. The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour has five remaining shows in 2013 before resuming in February and March, when Beyonce will perform 16 gigs in Europe.



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