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10 Things We Absolutely Love About Brad Pitt

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Lady boomers... go ahead and let out a collective squeal! Brad Pitt turns 50 today!

The two-time recipient of People's Sexiest Man Alive accolade is now the sexiest boomer alive. And as 2014 rolls around, we can't think of a better celeb to kick off the year of the boomer, as the youngest boomers turn 50 next year. (Check out our new BOOM, YOU'RE 50! page here.)

Brad first stole our hearts as the wildly passionate Tristan in 1994's "Legends of the Fall" which earned him a Golden Globe nomination and solidified his status as a Hollywood heartthrob. From then on, Pitt became a household name as much for his rugged, good looks and films, as his intriguing personal life. He romanced several high-profile beauties including Gwyneth Paltrow, Juliette Lewis, and Jennifer Aniston. His career has gone from strength to strength, as he's starred in blockbuster hits like cult classic "Fight Club," the sexy "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" and the "Oceans" franchise.

While he's been an A-lister for over 20 years, we think he's really come into his own in the past few. He's no longer just a handsome face. Pitt has taken on several other roles, as a father, producer, philanthropist, and one-half of Brangelina.

His birthday got us thinking about the many things we love about the ageless hunk. We asked our Facebook fans to share some of their favorite things about Brad and we added a couple of our own. Scroll down below to see the list:

#1) "His acting, he's great at it," said Carmen McDonald.
From playing a conflicted vampire, to an undercover assassin, to a con artist with a penchant for snacking, Pitt has proven his versatility in almost every cinematic genre.

#2) "His looks," said Jamie Lawenda.
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#3) "His love for his family," said Hedda Canty.
With fiancee Angelina the Jolie-Pitts have their very own Brady Bunch, with three boys and three girls, of both adopted and biological children.

"It really changes your perspective on the world. You know, I've had my day. I made some films, and I've really had a very fortunate life, and it's time for me to share that a little bit. Having children takes the focus off yourself, which I'm really grateful for. I'm so tired of thinking about myself. I'm sick of myself. You feel you want to be there and not miss out on anything. It's a true joy and a very profound love. You can write a book, you can make a movie, you can paint a painting, but having kids is the most extraordinary thing I've ever taken on," Pitt said on the "Today Show."

#4) "His charity," said Ken Flood.
Brad and Angelina are known for their constant philanthropy, giving millions to various causes like the Red Cross, medical research, and orphanages. They've made a conscious effort to use their celebrity for a good cause and even donated an estimated $4 million to charity from the first baby photos of their daughter Shiloh that they sold to People.

#5) "Angelina Jolie," said John Cramer.
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Jolie and Pitt, known simply as supercouple "Brangelina," met on the set of "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" and started dating in 2005 shortly after Pitt's separation from Jennifer Aniston. The couple became engaged in 2012 but have yet to set a date for their nuptials despite ongoing rumors. Pitt has said they will wait to tie the knot until gay couples also have the right to marry.

“One of the greatest, smartest things I ever did was give my kids Angie as their mom," Pitt told Parade Magazine.

#6) "His politics," said Mike Meagher.
An open Democrat, Pitt has supported the presidential campaigns of John Kerry and Barack Obama. He's also an advocate of gay marriage, telling Parade Magazine, "I believe everyone should have the same rights. They say gay marriage ruins families and hurts kids. Well, I've had the privilege of seeing my gay friends being parents and watching their kids grow up in a loving environment."

#7) "His chameleon quality," said Vincent Aurelius.
His versatility as an actor is undeniable, but we're also big fans of Brad's changing looks. He's experimented with facial hair, long hair, a ponytail, and is always wearing an incredible pair of shades.

#8) His outlook on life
"I believe you make your day. You make your life. So much of it is all perception, and this is the form that I built for myself. I have to accept it and work within those compounds, and it's up to me," Pitt said.

#9) His bromance with George Clooney
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While ladies' man Clooney can't seem to keep the same girlfriend for too long, there's one relationship that's stood the test of time. The same on-screen camaraderie we've seen on the "Oceans" films translates into real life.
Clooney has openly voiced his admiration of Pitt saying, "Not only do I enjoy him as a person and respect his talent, but I also love what he does in the world. I can’t speak highly enough about how hard he works at making the world better."

#10) How he's embraced getting older
"Once you hit 40," Pitt said, "you start re-examining the math of it all. I’ll trade wisdom for youth any day.”

AARP is also honoring the leading man with his very own ‘special edition birthday cover’ of AARP The Magazine to help him ring in the big 5-0!

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