12/18/2013 04:33 pm ET

This Texas Resident Isn't So High On Rick Perry's Way Of Governing

Over the past few months, Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) has prodded several states to "think Texas" when it comes to job creation. Ask 65-year-old pawn shop worker Bernadette Feazell about Texas, and the picture is quite different.

As part of HuffPost Live's Wednesday conversation on "The False Promise Of The American Economy," host Marc Lamont Hill asked Feazell what untold story people should know. The Austin resident turned straight to Texas, explaining why she thinks the state is falling far too short.

"I have to say that Texas is a bit disappointing to me right now because Texas used to be a greater land of opportunity," she said. "And also because people didn't have that gap between us and them. We were a friendly state. We treated our people good. People get together and do things. But now, you feel like people with money are afraid of the poor people and it's kind of a bad feeling."

Feazell also criticized Texas for its "war with Planned Parenthood." Back in 2011, GOP state lawmakers voted to block all funding to Planned Parenthood clinics from the state's Women's Health Program. As a result, three locations closed in July.

"Before, I could go to a nurse practitioner at Planned Parenthood for a lot less money," Feazell said. "But now, with the current Republicans, that's not even going to be available to me."

Watch Feazell's comments above. To view the full HuffPost Live segment, click here.



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