12/19/2013 04:39 pm ET

H(app)athon Project Measures The Things That Contribute To Our Long-Term Wellbeing (VIDEO)

Happiness is an abstract concept, but John Havens is working hard to use concrete data to make everyone happier.

Havens is the founder of the H(app)athon Project, which tracks action and behaviors to learn more about what gives people a long-term sense of happiness.

Havens explained to HuffPost Live's Nancy Redd that the technology uses qualitative and quantitative metrics from around the world to examine "happiness indicators" that signify wellbeing -- "not just happiness of mood, but all these different elements that factor into a citizen's or a person's overall flourishing."

"In the same way you have tools that measure things, like Fitbit that measures your health or things that measure your purchases, why not use these same tools to measure your purpose?" Havens said.

See the full conversation about the H(app)athon Project at HuffPost Live HERE.



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