12/20/2013 08:47 am ET

Judah Friedlander, '30 Rock' Star, Reveals He's Been Sleeping On An Air Mattress Since Show's End

Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

We're used to thinking everyone we see on the small screen leads a lavishly wonderful Hollywood life. But that is not always the case.

Since the critically-acclaimed series "30 Rock" wrapped up last January, things haven't been looking too great for one of its stars, Judah Friedlander, who played writer Frank Rossitano opposite Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin.

Friedlander revealed to New York Post's Page Six that he lives on an air mattress in an apartment in Queens, New York. "I've been [looking for an apartment] and sleeping on an air mattress for eight months," he told the gossip column on Dec. 18. "I find the entire process ... difficult."

The 44-year-old explained he's using an air mattress because "the apartment I'm in currently has mold and musty problems. I don't want all that bad air seeping into [a] mattress I buy ... then taking it to [a] new apartment that's not polluted." He further added that he is looking to move to NYC's SoHo neighborhood.

Last September, it was revealed that another former TV star has run into some bad luck after his show ended. Jon Gosselin of TLC's hugely popular "Jon & Kate Plus 8" is nowadays waiting tables and living in a cabin in the woods without Internet or television.