12/20/2013 11:59 am ET

Rush Limbaugh Thinks Putin's 'Envy' Of Obama Is Absolutely 'Amusing' (AUDIO)

While many were surprised by Russia President Vladimir Putin's recent comments that he is envious of President Obama for spying and "getting away with it," Rush Limbaugh found it completely hilarious.

"I think it’s funny as it can be," the radio show host said Thursday. "Vladimir Putin is jealous of Obama because he can spy on anybody and get away with it. I just absolutely love this."

In a press conference in Moscow Thursday morning, which Russian TV captured a video of, Putin made the following comments, according to Limbaugh's translation:

My relations to Obama following Snowden. I envy him, because he can do this and there will be nothing for him because of this. But there’s nothing specific to be pleased about or to be upset about. Everything has always been like this, first of all. Spying has always gone on since ancient times.

Limbaugh's reaction was blunt as could be:

"Here’s the former head honcho of the KGB complaining he couldn’t get away with what Obama’s getting away with," Limbaugh said. "For some reason I found it amusing."

Listen to the audio clip for the full segment.



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