12/20/2013 08:09 pm ET Updated Dec 30, 2013

Santa Making Children Cry Is Every Scrooge's Favorite Part Of The Holidays (VIDEO)

Christmas can be a tough time to be a misanthrope, what with all the merriment and good will toward men.

It’s for those people that the above video compilation is made. We understand that if you are miserable, sometimes the greatest solace comes not from those who offer “tidings of joy” but from others who are sharing in your disenchantment with the world. And who better to personify those feeling of contempt for the holiday season than a group of children who break down into a crying fit at the very presence of the most jovial harbinger of Christmas himself, Santa Clause?

So go ahead a pour a little extra rum in that eggnog, warm your mitts by the glow of the computer, and listen to the melodious seasonal carol of terrified children’s screams. Fill that lump of coal in your chest with holiday schadenfreude.



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