12/22/2013 10:17 pm ET Updated Dec 23, 2013

Redskins Fan Wearing 'Dallas Sucks' T-Shirt Shoved Down A Flight Stairs At FedEx Field (VIDEO)

A man sporting a "Dallas Sucks" T-shirt at FedEx Field was shoved down the stairs in the upper deck by a man who appeared to be a security guard during the Redskins-Cowboys game. The incident was captured in a brief video by someone else in the stands.

Busted Coverage referred to the man who did the shoving as a "cop" while Deadspin simply described him as "some kind of security."

Asked about the start of the incident, the person who uploaded the Vine offered a brief explanation on Twitter.

After putting out a call for more information on the incident, Deadspin received accounts and a photograph from people claiming to have been nearby. At least one supposed eyewitness claimed the "Dallas Sucks" fan had been removed from the section by police earlier during the game only to return.

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(H/T to Busted Coverage via Deadspin)

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