12/24/2013 11:49 am ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

Zoe Saldana: 'I Can Give Two Sh*ts About What Somebody Thought I Looked Like'

We'll admit it: There's nothing more fun than examining celebrities' outfits and deciding who, in our humble opinions, are the best- and worst-dressed.

But we also have a healthy respect for those stars who really just don't "give two sh*ts" about what we think. Zoe Saldana (ironically, a frequent name on our best-dressed lists) tells Lucky magazine this month:

"I can give two sh*ts about what somebody thought I looked like. At the moment I conceived wearing an outfit, I had a thousand reasons. And now that it's done, and I'm getting feedback that it's not positive, I'm going to regret it? I take responsibility for my actions, whether the outcome is positive or negative."

Amen to that. Saldana is just one of many celebs who've spoken out about the criticism surrounding their fashion. Even Selena Gomez has said, "I don't wear outfits or dresses because I feel like it's going to make the best-dressed lists in magazines; I really couldn't care less about things like that."

Then again, celebs are also able to laugh it off when an outfit choice goes awry. (Remember when Chrissy Teigen admitted her dress was a "don't"? "Note to self," she tweeted, "try on in the light.") We bet Zoe would do the same... if she ever wore anything that was less than flawless. We haven't seen it happen yet.

We couldn't find anything to critique if we tried:

Zoe Saldaña In 2013

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