12/24/2013 11:26 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

GOP State Senator Determined To Change One Of The Oddest Term Limit Rules In The Country

State Sen. Tom Garrett, who represents part of Lynchburg in the General Assembly, is trying again to change Virginia's status as the only state that doesn't allow a governor to serve two consecutive terms.

Garrett, R-Louisa County, is proposing a constitutional amendment for the upcoming assembly session to allow a governor to be elected twice in a row.

The bill is Senate Joint Resolution 4, and would apply to governors chosen in 2017 and afterward.

It is the third consecutive year a similar proposal has been introduced.

Since 1995, the two-term concept has been proposed at least eight times by legislators who argue governors should have two four-year terms to complete their policy platforms.

Two-term governor legislation went farther last year than ever before, when the Senate approved the proposal and two House of Delegates members -- one Democrat and one Republican -- introduced similar bills.

Every attempt has died in the House Privileges and Elections Committee, usually on an unrecorded voice vote in a subcommittee.

Members who bury the bills usually say Virginia's governor already is one of the nation's most powerful because of the office's power to appoint members of policy-making bodies such as the Commonwealth Transportation Board, college boards of visitors, water and game commissions, and dozens of other agencies. ___



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