12/27/2013 03:06 pm ET

5 Homes With Views So Amazing, You'll Question All Your Life Choices (PHOTOS)

On any given day, we come across dozens of gorgeous homes. Because we see so many, our bar is set pretty high when it comes to truly spectacular properties. Today, that bar was met ... and surpassed. Five times.

That's because we were introduced to the website Love Home Swap, which offers a house exchange (and sometimes vacation rental) service for well-heeled homeowners. While browsing, we came across the following homes, which are so incredibly luxe that we're questioning our life decisions. Why the hell did we go into the liberal arts? Why didn't we marry into tech money? Why aren't we living part-time in Amsterdam? Why don't we have any Parisian friends? How can we 'Freaky Friday' ourselves into the lives of these homeowners?

Take a look through the slideshow below and you'll see what we mean. (The Williamsburg property is especially envy-inducing.)

5 Homes That'll Make Your Jaw Drop