12/27/2013 02:14 pm ET

Ice Cream Man In Turkey Won't Give Innocent Guy His Cone, Insists On Performing Crazy Tricks

So apparently this is how they do ice cream in Turkey.

A hilarious YouTube video from earlier this week shows an ice cream vendor messing playfully with an innocent guy who would just like his cone, please.

At first, the ice cream man fills the cone as usual and appears to hand it over... but then he sticks it stealthily into the guy’s pant pocket in the speediest sleight of hand.

The ice cream man then proceeds to whirl the cone around the dude’s head, through the ice cream cart, and in and out of the customer’s grasp, all while the poor guy tries to pick his flavors as if nothing weird is happening.

The whole charade ends with a sloppy, double-cheeked, ice cream-tinged kiss between our two protagonists.

The jest was all in good fun, to be sure... but nothing's that fun when you just want your vanilla.



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