01/01/2014 11:11 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

President Obama Could Really Use New Sunglasses (PHOTOS)

If Vice President Joe Biden has a style signature, it's his Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses. They're mature yet youthful, retro yet trendy and signal to the world that while he may be older, this dude still knows what's cool.

President Obama could use to take note. On Tuesday, the president showed off his own shades in Hawaii while out for his annual shaved ice excursion with his family. POTUS looked cool, calm and collected, as he usually does on vacation, but those sunglasses... well, those were another story.

Obama favors the rimless reflective sunglasses of suburban dads, the kind that wouldn't look out of place with a neoprene neck strap around the back. They're a cross between Keanu Reeves' "Matrix" shades and Will Smith's oh-so-'90s sunnies in "Men in Black."

In short, they're dated, and they could use an upgrade. Perhaps Biden has an extra pair to lend the president?


obama sunnies

obama sunnies

president obama sunglasses

president obama sunglasses

There is room for improvement:

Politicos In Sunglasses

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