01/02/2014 05:41 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

17 Clothing Things That Are The WORST

We love clothes -- coveting them, shopping for them, styling them, devoting our lives to them.

But sometimes, clothes are the worst. Thus we hereby present our list of garment grievances, ranked by awfulness -- and if anyone out there can invent an easy solution to any of these problems, we will basically give you all our money.

#17: When the fabric of your jeans rubs thin between your thighs
It's like our pants are taunting us.

#16: Static-y scarves
Also: Static-y hair.

#15: When your jeans fade only in the knees
What are you supposed to do, not bend your legs?

#14: Itchy tags
Why aren't all tags made of, like, cashmere?

#13: When crumbs get lodged in the corners of your pockets
It's like we're being punished for being messy eaters.

#12: Sweaters that literally snag every time you wear them
Walking suddenly becomes an occupational hazard.

#11: Oversized tags that poke out the bottom hems of your shirts
As if we really needed extra material at our hips.

#10: Belts that won't actually stay on your waist
They have just one job to do...

#9: Yoga pants that pill at the crotch
As if we didn't feel self-conscious enough wearing leggings...

#8: When your skinny jeans stretch out but just in the butt
There must be a limit on how many times you can re-shrink jeans in the dryer.

#7: Sweaters that shed on everything
This is what cats must feel like every day.

#6: Jeans that rub blue dye all over your shoes
Also known as White Sneaker Ruiners.

#5: Skirts that ride up so when you stand up, your undies are showing
These garments are probably the reason underwear exists.

#4: Long shirt sleeves that bunch up when you put your jacket on
This is always followed by an awkward lunge up your jacket sleeve to retrieve your shirt.

#3: Sweaters that pill after, like, a day
Why does this even happen??

#2: Shirts with high arm holes that get your deodorant all over them
At least we smell good?

#1: When your jeans zipper will close 98 percent then refuses to go the other 2 percent so it always looks like your fly's open
We give up.

While we're at it, let's banish these items:

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