01/02/2014 12:27 pm ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

'Duck Dynasty' Stars Now Selling Guns Because Of Course They Are

You can already buy Duck Dynasty brand Chia Pets, cigars and wine.

Now comes the product all those bearded Duck Dynasty wannabes have truly been waiting for (we guess): Guns. At least one retailer is now selling shotguns associated with the most popular reality TV show of all time.

Duck Commander, the duck-hunting company founded by the reality show's stars, has partnered with Mossberg & Sons, Inc to produce a line of shotguns and semi-automatic rifles. Mossberg has begun shipping some of the shotguns to wholesalers, according to Linda Powell, a Mossberg spokesperson told The Huffington Post. Cabela's, an outdoor recreation chain, has already begun to sell the weapons, Powell said. Several other "major retailers" would begin sales soon, she added.

These branded weapons feature a waterfowl pattern camouflage design, even though not all of the guns are intended for duck hunting, according to CNN Money. Sticking to the show's conservative mantra, the words "Faith. Family. Ducks." are etched in to the sides of the guns.

“The Robertson’s widespread appeal and ability to cross over into the mainstream has bridged millions to the traditions of hunting and sharing time in the field with family,” said Mossberg's CEO Iver Mossberg, said in a press release.

Duck Dynasty's star Phil Robertson has been the subject of public scrutiny after making some controversial anti-gay comments to GQ magazine. A&E suspended Robertson from the show, only to reinstate him weeks later.

Mossberg is promoting the line of guns with some haunting YouTube videos (you can watch it above). They feature Robertson opining on guns and God.

"Where there's design, there's a designer. We were designed to kill ducks," Robertson says in the ad.

Gawker writes that the ad shows the hunters as they "ritualistically prepare for their exodus into the field and the subsequent duck kills, with pacing and music that conjures images of Kurtz in Apocalypse Now."

"You know what makes me happy, ladies and gentlemen?" Robertson muses. "To blow a mallard drake's head smooth off."

Clarification: This story and headline have been updated to make clear that the guns are backed by Duck Dynasty's stars not A&E.



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