01/02/2014 02:13 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

How To Help South Sudan After 200,000 Displaced From Homes


As pressure mounts for South Sudan to end weeks of violence that have pushed the world's youngest nation to the brink of civil war, a state of emergency was declared Wednesday.

President Salva Kiir made the call in the states of Unity and Jonglei after more than 1,000 people have been killed and nearly 200,000 have been displaced from their homes due to the violence, according to Reuters.

South Sudan, which peacefully became its own sovereign nation after breaking away from Sudan in 2011, has been plagued by violence after the ruling party's President Kiir dismissed its vice president, Riek Machar, in July.

The two sides have agreed to peace talks.

Peacekeepers are working to protect those in displacement camps in a nation that was at war with Sudan for decades prior to becoming its own nation.

Hilde Johnson, who heads the U.N. mission to South Sudan, told CNN that the peace talks set to take place are a start but systemic change needs to be implemented.

"There has been killing and brutality, we have seen killing on ethnic grounds. We need to do everything to prevent the cycle of violence," Johnson said.

She said the UN is appealing for $166 million in aid to help provide families with food and supplies.

See ways you can help below.

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
UNHCR, the UN division that aids refugees, has a breakdown of how donations will help those who are displaced. A donation of $20 provides two families with cans to transport water and $70 provides four families with a kitchen set. Learn how to help here.

The global poverty-fighting nonprofit is providing water and public latrines to displacement camps. The organization has helped 172,000 people over 2012-2013 in South Sudan. Oxfam also supports long-term projects such as urban education and rural development. Learn how to help here.

The International Rescue Committee
The IRC, which specializes in humanitarian crises, is focusing on protecting girls and women in displacement camps. The nonprofit is providing basic and reproductive health care, along with medical and legal support. Long-term efforts include training community leaders and government officials on upholding human rights. Learn how to help here.

Mercy Corps
The nonprofit, which focuses on humanitarian crises in areas of conflict, is providing blankets, mosquito nets, sleeping mats, soap, jerry cans and kitchen supplies to those who have been displaced. Learn how to help here.

The Satellite Sentinel Project
SSP, founded by George Clooney and John Pendergast of the Enough Project, uses satellite imagery, data and ground reports to capture evidence of war crimes and crimes against humanity, in order to help generate faster humanitarian responses. Currently, the project is helping monitor the Sudanese government's actions. Learn how to help here.



Violence Rocks South Sudan