01/02/2014 08:51 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Prince William Selfie Is The Best Gift Of 2013 (PHOTO)

It wouldn't have been right to end 2013 without a royal selfie, now would it?

Prince William showed the world that the British royal family knows what's up in an adorably unscripted moment over Christmas. As the royal family made its way from the Sandringham Estate to church on Christmas Day, 12-year-old Madison Lambe reached out and got Prince William to snap a photo with her. According to the Telegraph, Will said, "You can't beat a good selfie on Christmas Day." (!!)

Too. Cute. Will reportedly took the photo, as Madison was "too stunned to press the buttons herself."

Later, Lambe posted the photo on her Facebook (of course), and the Daily Mail quotes the tween as noting, "My friends think it is really good and they have been commenting on it." How could they not?

Check out the photo below. Who said royals don't know how to let loose?

Join the club, Will:

Battle Of The Celebrity Selfie

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