01/02/2014 11:02 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Naked Suspect Reportedly Jumps From Roof To Roof To Elude Cops

A nude suspect bounded from rooftop to rooftop to escape cops on Monday, only to have his naked ambition thwarted when the officers caught up to him, police said.

Stockton, Calif., police had planned to arrest John Redmon, 36, on previous stalking and drug charges and search the residence when the suspect bolted out the back, Lt. Michael Howard told The Huffington Post.

Officers then spotted the suspect on the roof of the house in the buff. With police giving chase, Redmon jumped from roof to roof of three to four houses before he landed in a backyard. Then he began hopping fences, Howard said. Cops finally caught up with him and used a baton when he began "ignoring orders and commands."

Now Redmon also faces an additional charge of resisting arrest.

Suspects have taken the roof to elude the law before, Howard told HuffPost, but doing so in a birthday suit was "kind of unusual."

A neighbor said there are a lot of children in the area.

"It would make me feel uncomfortable if my kids would have seen it," Chris Mays told Fox 40. "It is a nice neighborhood. It is strange that that happened."

(h/t UPI)