01/06/2014 11:26 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Great Stretches For The Senior Crowd, From Joel Harper (VIDEO)

Celebrity fitness trainer Joel Harper had some great stretching exercise suggestions for senior citizens to share with us.

For seniors with back, knee or other joint problems, exercise can prove to be quite a challenge. According to Joel, 95% of the time, seniors actually have a muscle imbalance around their knees, back or joints, causing them pain during exercise.

His tips to combat these joint issues? First, stretch well. In order to sufficiently stretch your entire body, Joel recommends stretching out both sides of your body equally and taking time to feel if anything feels different on one side.

If you are experience joint pain around areas like your knees, take your thumb and gently walk it around the joint. Wherever you feel pain or discomfort, gently massage the tender area with golf ball-sized circles.

Another common issue Joel has seen in his senior clients are lower back problems, an ailment which could likely be a sign of tight hips. "My airplane stretch is a great way to balance and stretch out your hips," he said.

For more of Joel's tips for a healthier 2014, see the slideshow below:

Tips For A Healthier You In 2014, From Fitness Expert Joel Harper

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