01/05/2014 08:41 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

10 Beaches Where Getting There Is Half The Fun

We like beaches that make you work for it. Whether it's a hike through the jungle, taking lots and lots and lots of stairs, or even a simply pleasant boardwalk schlep, here are some beaches whose journey is nearly half the fun as the destination.

Devil's Bay, Virgin Gorda
Visitors have to wade through water and through boulders to get to this beach.
devils bay virgin gorda

Hidden Beach, Mexico
You have to swim through a roughly 40-foot tunnel to get here.
secluded beaches

One Thousand Steps Beach, Santa Barbara
Take a long stairwell (though not 1,000 steps) down to the narrow sand and rocky beach in California.
thousand steps beach california

Plage Blanche, Morocco
Beach goers walk across huge sand dunes (or they can take a boat) to this beach, which sits on the cusp of the Sahara and the Atlantic Ocean.

Sanibel Beach, Florida
Nothing says relaxation like walking down a long boardwalk to get to your blanket in the sand.
sanibel beach boardwalk

And this is just dreamy.
maldives beach boardwalk

Playa Las Palmas, Mexico
You have to walk through jungle to get to this secluded spot.
playa las palmas mexico

Kaihalulu Red Sand Beach, Hawaii
Be sure to wear sturdy shoes and walk very carefully to this remote beach.
kaihalulu red sand beach

Colombier, St. Barts
A walk to this beach includes a 15-20 minute hike under rocks, on steep paths and down stairs. It's not for the faint of heart.
colombier beach st barts

Pyla Sur Mer, France
Huge sand dunes, which are popular with kite boarders, encase this beach.
pyla sur mer france



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