01/07/2014 05:07 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

5 Things To Know About Sofia Vergara's 'Killer Women'

Ursula Coyote via Getty Images

Sofia Vergara is back on the small screen -- but this time, she’s positioned behind the camera. The Colombiana, who’s best know for her role as goofy but lovable Gloria on Modern Family, is serving as executive producer for the new ABC crime drama Killer Women. The show centers on Molly Parker, the only woman in the notoriously male-dominated Texas Rangers, and trust us, she is one badass mujer. The hour-long show focuses on her job investigating -- you guessed it -- the killer women of Texas.

Here’s five things to know about Sofia Vergara’s latest project, which you can catch every Tuesday at 10 pm EST on ABC:

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