01/07/2014 10:57 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Kaley Cuoco's Groom's Cake Went To The Dogs

Kaley Cuoco's New Year's Eve wedding to Ryan Sweeting has had people talking since she posted photos of her pink dress and upside–down chandelier cake. Now, she has posted another detail from the big day to her Twitter account: the groom's cake.

"The Big Bang Theory" actress posted the photo of a tennis ball-shaped confection with little chocolate sculptures of the couple's three dogs. The groom is a tennis player.

Like the chandelier wedding cake, this one was designed and created by The Butter End bakery. The Santa Monica shop blogged about their challenges in creating the special cake:

Kaley wanted her three rescue Pit Bulls to be sculpted into her wedding cake. Cutting the heads and paws off of realistic dog cakes kind of creeps me out, so I wanted to offer up some alternatives. She and Ryan were totally up for creating the dogs as part of their Dogs and Balls Grooms Cake, which turned out to be really fun. I especially liked the “Bitches Love Me” bandana on Norman, who sat atop the giant tennis ball cake.

This might be the only instance that the phrase "going to the dogs" denotes a brilliantly executed wedding …



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