01/08/2014 03:02 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

And Your New Body Insecurities For 2014 Are ...'Bingo Wings' And 'Buffalo Humps'

H. Armstrong Roberts via Getty Images

A big shoutout to the Daily Mail for coming up with fun and creative ways to body shame. A new survey — done by … oh, does it even matter? — found that “bingo wings” and “buffalo humps” were among the most rapidly increasing cosmetic treatments. “Bingo wing” and “buffalo hump” sounds like an indie folk duo, but actually, they are newfangled descriptions for human body parts. The first person to guess which parts they are gets a cookie. Or actually, no, because that might make your “buffalo hump” even fatter than it already is.

“Bingo wing” surgery, which increased a whopping 473 percent last year, is known in layman’s terms as the removing of that saggy skin on your upper arms.

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