01/08/2014 12:12 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

John Seigenthaler To Colbert: Al Jazeera America Is 'Not A Part Of The Al Qaeda Network' (VIDEO)

Al Jazeera America anchor John Seigenthaler took to the "Colbert Report" on Tuesday to combat what he called "myths" about his network's ideology.

While talking with Colbert, the former NBC News anchor described the network as a refreshing new place to cover "serious news." But Colbert was not easy to convince.

"Who got to you and how," Colbert asked. "Do they have your family members someplace?"

Seigenthaler laughed off the comments and assured Colbert that AJA is "part of the Al Jazeera media network."

"Which is part of the al-Qaeda media network..." Colbert added.

“We can bust some myths here: It is absolutely not a part of the al-Qaeda network," Seigenthaler responded. "Al Jazeera America is part of one of the largest news organizations in the world…We cover 130 countries. We broadcast around the world. We do serious fact-based journalism.”

Seigenthaler told Colbert that AJA gives him the "opportunity to work at a channel that covers serious news again," as opposed to the more "sensational" and opinion-based news shows on television.

Still not fully persuaded, Colbert pulled up the Al Jazeera symbol.

"That is terrifying," Colbert said. "That is not only Arabic, it looks like Arabic on fire."

Watch the video for the full clip, and for Seigenthaler's explanation of what the symbol really means.



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