01/09/2014 04:00 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

It's Hard To Believe That A Few Sheets Of Paper Can Do This

When you gaze upon Li Hongbo's stagnant statues, it's hard to believe the unusual works of art are made from paper. That is, until the artist stretches and morphs their shape, showing that even something that looks like a rock can have a dynamic animism.

"My interest in paper began when I published books. When it came to design, I had to consider paper -- what type of paper suited which book," Li says in the video.

Now, the former book editor turns paper into art, and boy are we glad he decided to make the switch.

Li mastered the traditional Chinese craft of "paper gourds," creating anything from abstract sculptures to toy guns. The technique, typically used in festive Chinese events like weddings, results in constructs that can be stretched, twisted, scrunched together and then released to their original form.

The Beijing-based artist has his own Facebook page and a growing following. Hopefully, his incredible art will continue to spread.



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