01/09/2014 06:11 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Flash Mob Surprises Colorado Shoppers With 'Help,' Raises $30K For Those In Need

Shoppers at a local market in a Colorado suburb -- an area that was deeply affected by the historic floods which devastated large swaths of the state -- got a surprise performance just before the holidays.

Since it was posted on YouTube, the video -- which was filmed at Lucky's Market in Longmont -- has received over 26,000 views and has helped raise over $30,000 for OUR Center, a nonprofit that donates food, clothes and has helped with the flood relief.

"We have no way of knowing if every donation was from that project. If donors didn't designate that on the form, then we don't know how they discovered us," OUR Center executive director Edwina Salazar told The Longmont Times-Call. "We do know that it was a highly creative campaign and we are having a more successful year this year."

It began with a man playing the guitar, who went mostly unnoticed outside of the grocery store before an employee and another woman wheeled him into the middle of the produce section in a shopping cart. Then a man started singing the beginning of the Beatles' "Help," joined by a choir and finally a high school drum line that marches through about halfway through the song (Watch the video above).



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