01/09/2014 05:45 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Woman's Post-Split Weight Loss Reminds Us That Living Well Is The Best Revenge

The biggest break-up cliché in the book? The one where the dumpee spends weeks following the split inhaling tubs of ice cream and tearing through tissues.

And while we know that happens (yes, we're speaking from experience here), it's not always the case. For many of us, going through divorce or a difficult breakup is just the push we need to get to the gym and get back to prioritizing our health.

That was definitely the case for a Redditor named Allie. After her boyfriend of two years broke up with her early last year, Allie says she "spent the rest of 2013 losing weight" and getting healthy. Today, the nursing student says she's lost around 40 pounds -- down from 212 pounds to 172.

"I was alone for the first time in what felt like forever and was very unhappy. These feelings motivated me to get in shape," Allie told the Huffington Post via email.

"I started out just running after the breakup," she explained. "After, I incorporated body weight exercises and weight lifting into my workouts. My overall mindset was just to remain consistent with eating well and working out. I didn't go on any crazy diets or lose weight very rapidly; I made it a point to make this journey a lifestyle choice rather than a short-lived fad."

Take a look at how far she's come below:


The best part of Allie's story? Throughout the process, she reminded herself that she was getting fit not as a way to get revenge on her ex, but for her own well-being.

"It is so easy to get down on yourself and not want to do anything after someone leaves you, but now I can look back and say that I did something that is going to benefit me for a long time. No regrets," she said. "Remember, living well is the best revenge."

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