01/13/2014 07:56 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

13 Aging Myths We Love To Prove Wrong

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From Miley Cyrus telling a 50-something Matt Lauer he's "definitely not sexual" to your kids quipping you're likely experiencing a "senior moment" every time you forget something, the many misconceptions about aging run the gamut from the ridiculous to the downright offensive.

And what's more is that there's plenty of evidence to prove the negative naysayers wrong. In fact, a 2009 survey found the older people get, the younger they often feel. Another survey found that nearly half of boomers play video games. And sorry kids, studies show plenty of seniors are still sexing it up.

We asked our Facebook fans which misconceptions they can't stand to hear and the responses struck a chord with us. Can you relate to any of these? Let us know what aging myths you absolutely love to prove wrong in comments.

1) "That we are suddenly unable to understand anything, & must be talked to like young children! and who gave you permission to call me 'sweetheart'?" said Carol Richardson.

2) "That all of a sudden I'm going to turn into Prudence Goodbody and be shocked by foul language, wardrobe malfunctions, etc. Hey! Been there. Done that. That's part of my past. I haven't forgotten and re-written the past, i.e., living LIFE, and suddenly turned into a sweet old dear who mustn't be shocked. Grow up, you young people! I have!" said Sally Barry.

3) "That we can't do things; understand technology, run a marathon, learn something new," said Laureen Lund.

4) "That given the smallest opportunity, I will lecture kids on the superiority of the music of my generation and the lack of talent and innovation today. I think many of us forget that our generation's music struck a balance between sparkling and that's just awful. I like a lot of what I hear and I'm glad I haven't tuned out," said Jamie Wieloch Greco.

5) "That you must turn into a grandparent who only cooks and coos; I think my adult kids wish I would become feeble so they might look better in their children's eyes and I would just be a forgetful yet generous old biddy. Not gonna happen!" said Michelle Ethridge.

6) "That you are diminished somehow, physically, socially, emotionally, once you hit senior status," said Corinne Lundin Spranger.

7) "That aging is shameful. I am finally comfortable with me. I like my gray hair and my independence. I realize what is important and cut out the BS. Although it really irks me to see young people try and placate my silly notions that we shouldn't treat people better or worse depending on their financial and/or social status," said Sherri DeGolyer.

8) "Being defined by my past only as if I have no present or future," said Cheryl Aileen.

9) "That we the aged folks -- don't have a say, in the way the country is changing," said Brenda Groehler.

10) "People thinking I can't change and am not open to it," said Nadine Mitchell.

11) "It is not fun to age. We become part of the past....everything is blah, blah, blah," said Mark Greenberg.

12) "That they stopped craving adventure," said Susanna Clark.

13) "Seniors just sit and aren't active. Poppycock!" said Rachel Cracken Herbig.



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