01/13/2014 09:59 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Um, That's Not A Compliment: On Problematic Attempts At Flattery

John Giustina via Getty Images

You know that inner voice that tells you that you are truly worthwhile, kind, beautiful, and important, no matter what other people say to or about you? Haha, j/k, I don’t have one of those. I hope you do, but I am told it might come when I hit 30 or so. For now I rely heavily on compliments from others to prove I deserve to live.

I mostly fill the void where that inner voice should be with an iPhone application that sends me fortune-cookie style daily affirmations, and with texts from my mom. Her emoji game has gone to the next level lately and it’s made her love that much more expressive. But compliments from new people, romantic prospects, friends, and colleagues are really where it’s at 'cause you know they don’t have to say it just because they’re not sentient (YET!) enough to know better, or 'cause they’re your mom.

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