01/15/2014 09:26 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Miniature Soccer Gains Popularity In Los Angeles


The amber lights flicker on above the tennis courts at DeForest Park in Long Beach. The nets have disappeared. Tennis balls are nowhere in sight. This evening, people are playing with a different kind of ball.

On the chain-link fence that surrounds the courts, spray paint marks the goals. Shots whiz by like cars on a freeway.

English and Spanish blend as players chant "Corre! Corre!" ("Run!") and "Mira! Mira!" ("Look!"). The murmurs from onlookers — "nice" and "wow" — swell after each dazzling play.

The matches on this concrete court are quick. The first team to score wins. Losers retreat to wooden benches, ceding to the next challenger.

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