01/15/2014 12:26 pm ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

11-Month-Old Waterskiing Baby Returns To Conquer The Internet (VIDEO)

An 11-month-old who first captured the Internet's attention with a viral waterskiing video in May is at it again.

The Australian boy, Ryder Ray Anderson, has stepped up his game since his debut, however. Whereas last time he was merely being pulled along the shore, this time his parents, Tamara Blair and Danny Anderson, have taught him to ski behind an actual motorboat.

In the video description, the boy's mom wrote the little sport "was equipped with a custom made wet suit and a secure life jacket. It seems like he was going fast, but his doing a speed of approximately 12 km per hour [about 7 mph], which is a sufficient speed without going too fast or too slow then sinking."

Ryder's last video raised some safety concerns among viewers. "The least you could do is put a helmet on your kid!" wrote one YouTube user. "Accidents happen, putting your baby in danger is another thing," wrote another.

While we don't recommend trying this with your own kids, we have to say the boy's skills are pretty impressive.

(hat tip Storyful)