01/16/2014 10:03 am ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

16 Reasons To Live In Mexico City

Robert Frerck via Getty Images

Okay, you’ve heard all about the drug cartels. Now here’s why Mexico City is actually an awesome place to live.

1. Gobbling late night, or rather very early morning, flame broiled tacos al pastor in one of the thousands of small stands sprinkled across the city.

2. Driving one of the city’s five million cars, unhindered by any but the most basic, and widely ignored, rules of a civilized road.

3. Buying chewing gum, pirated movies, and just about anything else imaginable from vendors plying the packed tunnels and cars of the subway system.

4. Drinking fine Mexican beer and an aged tequila or three with friends through an afternoon and into the night in a one of the hundreds of neighborhood cantinas.

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