01/16/2014 01:58 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mayor Bill De Blasio's 'Pizzagate' Fork To Be Auctioned For Charity

Just two weeks into office and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is already embroiled in a messy scandal.

The recently inaugurated mayor incited the ire of New Yorkers everywhere when he dined at Goodfella’s Pizzeria on Staten Island last Friday, and ate three slices with a fork. While the mayor was lambasted for not eating the city’s signature food with his hands like a true New Yorker, some good may actually come from the brouhaha.

bill de blasio pizza

The incident -- quickly dubbed both "Forkgate" and "Pizzagate" -- had Twitter users up in arms and got Jon Stewart pretty fired up.

"You're supposed to be champion of the middle class!" Stewart said on "The Daily Show" on Monday night. "Two weeks into your term, and we catch you eating pizza a la Trump?"

bill de blasio pizza

The shamed mayor responded to critics, saying he picked up his pizza-eating method from his "ancestral homeland" of Italy where it's "more typical to eat with a fork and a knife."

But Goodfella’s took a different route. Amid the outrage, co-owner Marc Cosentino put the fork De Blasio used on display at his shop, DNAinfo reported. When it garnered a lot of attention, Cosentino decided to auction off the cutlery. He has yet to announce which charity will be the beneficiary.

"I just did it because I thought it was funny," Cosentino told DNAinfo about why he decided to put the fork out for all to see. "Then all of a sudden it got all this interest, so I thought let's do something [for charity]."

That's New York for you.



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