01/16/2014 05:00 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Danica Patrick On How The NASCAR Community Would React To An Openly Gay Driver

NASCAR driver Danica Patrick speculated on what might happen if one of her fellows were to come out as gay in a HuffPost Live interview this week.

Acknowledging that auto racing was "a very southern, Republican, Bible Belt kind of a sport," Patrick nonetheless added, "It's 2014, and with the way that we get our media and the amount of it, I feel like it's becoming a little bit more acceptable."

She went on to note, "The most important thing in life is that you're honest with yourself ... I'm sure everybody would be OK."

Although no active NASCAR drivers are openly gay, driver Stephen Rhodes has spoken at length about wanting to make a comeback in recent months. Rhodes, who left NASCAR years ago to help his partner open a cafe, said he made no secret of his sexuality during his tenure and that while "everyone knew, everyone was aware," he "never really had any confrontations," according to Outsports.



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