01/17/2014 09:50 pm ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

Former Gangster James Guiliani Uses Mob Skills To Interview Dog Groomers On 'The Diamond Collar' (VIDEO)

After 20-odd years running with John Gotti and his mafia crew, James "Head" Guiliani decided to give it all up and dedicate his life to a cause close to his heart: rescuing animals. Along with saving and rehoming animals around Brooklyn, he operates a popular pet store and grooming boutique with his girlfriend, Lena.

Guiliani may no longer be in the mafia, but old habits die hard. In the above clip from the premiere episode of the "The Diamond Collar" on Friday night, Guiliani goes back to his gangster roots when interviewing Valerie, a potential new dog groomer for the store.

While grilling her with questions, Guiliani asks Valerie if he can go through her purse. "See, being a gangster, being on the street, I foresee s***," Guiliani reasons. "I'm looking for drugs. I'm not a cop, but I want to know, just in case."

Embarrassed, Lena pleads with Guiliani not to go through Valerie's personal things. "If I was this girl, I'd take the bag, crack it over his head, and leave," she says.

Guiliani proceeds to dump out the contents of Valerie's purse and rifle through them. Not finding anything suspicious, he is satisfied. "What was so bad about this?" he asks Lena.

"That was absolutely ridiculous, and rude, and obnoxious, and embarrassing, and moronic," Lena says.

"The Diamond Collar" airs Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on OWN.