01/17/2014 08:54 am ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

Lena Dunham, The 'Hardest Working Millennial In Show Business,' Still Feels Like An Outsider

Frederick M. Brown via Getty Images

Lena Dunham's recent Vogue cover is fun, stylish and oh-so Lena. And after snapping the photos for her spread, Dunham sat down with Vogue's Nathan Heller to discuss her life and career. He calls her "the hardest working millennial in show business" and looking at the list of projects she's working on, the title seems apt.

Season 3 of Dunham's hit show "Girls" recently premiered, but that doesn't mean she's taking any breaks. While writing, acting, directing and editing the HBO show, she has somehow found time to work on a documentary film and develop a second HBO series. Dunham is also in the early stages of launching her own production company, called A Casual Romance, with "Girls" executive producer Jennifer Konner.

Although Dunham seems to have found her calling, she wasn't always so comfortable. The quirky writer recalled more awkward and painful years as a teen, saying that during high school she just didn't fit in. “I thought of myself as relatively unpopular,” Dunham said. “It wasn’t anybody’s fault -- I didn’t go to high school with mean kids -- but I didn’t feel part of it ... I didn’t really start to feel like I had friends in a real way until I graduated from college and became engaged with the people I’d be engaged with professionally.”

Despite the fact that she now devotes every waking moment to her entertainment career, Dunham has no plans to move to the movie and TV capital of the U.S. “I like Los Angeles," she said, "But more than two weeks and I start to get a very sad feeling ... You eat well there, and you take hikes, and my dog loves it, but ultimately it’s not the right place for me.”

“I went early on to a party at a really famous person’s house," she continued. "They had a private chef there making pizza, and I remember the dog was wearing a bow tie. Every time I looked around, it would be like, Is that someone I know from camp? No, that’s Ashton Kutcher. It was such a weird scene. I remember thinking, I don’t feel at home here, and no matter how long this is my job, I will never feel at home here. And if I do start to feel at home here someone should really worry about me.”

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