01/20/2014 11:31 am ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

10 Ridiculous Pinterest Projects NOBODY Has Time For (PHOTOS)

Depending on how many DIY pinners you follow, Pinterest can often become a beautiful, hypnotic vortex of the kind of projects you'd probably have to quit your job in order to have the time to do. For every simple, delicious recipe, there's somebody gluing toothpicks together. For every fast handmade gift idea, there are at least four ways to make your own confetti.

So we say it's time someone drew the line. If anyone actually has time to get these projects done, please tell us now -- we'd like to know your secret for making time for this level of creativity.

Pistachio Shell Flowers When the project pin looks like an optical illusion in itself, we say skip it. DIY Confetti Are the 99-cent pre-packaged bags really outside your budget? Matchstick Art We hate to break the news to you, but if you get through the first step and do burn those hundreds upon hundreds of matches, you have way too much time on your hands. (And singed fingertips, most likely.) Painted Feathers And then when you're done, you can... um... yeah, remind us again why you'd want these? Plastic Utensil Chandelier We say save the hot glue and disposable spoons and head to the thrift store for an inexpensive light fixture that won't take hours from your life. Drinking Straw Lamp We're going to go ahead and suggest the thrift store alternative again here. Maybe IKEA if you're really married to that quirky modern aesthetic. Flag Toothpick Wreath If you can find a project by searching "toothpick DIY," it probably takes too long. Toothpick Mobiles In case the last project didn't quite convince you that "toothpick DIY" is rarely a good idea... Mini Donuts Any mini food is a tease. Why not just take the time to bake one big (normal) donut? (In case you were wondering, these are decorated Cheerios.) Make Your Own Paper It's probably a safe bet that it would cost more to purchase the materials alone to make paper from scratch than to say, buy the end product.


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