01/21/2014 10:05 am ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

Aaron Paul Is Having 'Breaking Bad' Withdrawals, Too

You're not the only one who misses Jesse Pinkman and the "Breaking Bad" gang. Aaron Paul does too.

Promoting his latest film, "Hellion" at Sundance, in which Paul plays an alcoholic father, the actor reminisced on his meth-dealing days. Of the "Breaking Bad" cast, Paul told Vulture, "We’re all having withdrawals. It was such a beautiful, functional family that we didn’t want to leave one another, and we’re still very close."

It was even difficult for the cast to say goodbye after the final episode wrapped. "The next morning, I got a text from Bryan Cranston saying, 'I miss you already,'" he added.

While Paul has moved on with a handful of new projects, from upcoming films "Need For Speed" and Ridley Scott's "Exodus" to the new animated Netflix series "BoJack Horseman," Pinkman still lingers in Paul's day-to-day. "I get called 'b--ch' every day, and people ask me to say 'b--ch' every day, so I say that."

One way to cure everyone's withdrawals? A Jesse Pinkman cameo on "Better Call Saul." Paul has already said he'd jump at the chance to do it, so let's not give up hope yet.



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