01/21/2014 08:04 am ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

Tayzz Takes Hot Sauce And Gives It Bold Indian Flavor


It's not everyday you come across a new food product that makes you go "mmm." Most new products, in their need to be inventive, end up exercising our gag reflexes more than pleasing our palates -- watch the HuffPost Live Segment Mikey Likes It and you'll see what we mean. But just today we tasted something new, something bold, and it was a nice surprise.

Tayzz Hot Boss Desi Sauce is a new product on the hot sauce scene and we hope it's here to stay. It's a medium-spice hot sauce with lots of Indian flavor. Inspired by a Goan chili dish called Balchao, this hot sauce is the quickest way to get your Indian food fix. Mix it into your scrambled eggs, top it on your rice, even use it in your chicken marinade. Actually, just use it in place of sriracha from now on.

Intrigued? You can order Tayzz online for $6.99 a bottle.

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