01/21/2014 09:25 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jon Stewart Really Was Not Feeling Obama's NSA Speech

On Monday's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart responded to President Obama's Friday speech addressing concerns about the NSA's reach -- a speech that, according to Stewart, was so labored that it hardly answered anything.

"At the dawn of our Republic..." began Obama.

"Oh, God," Stewart said. "It's gonna be one of these!" He brought out a prop Red Bull and sunglasses to pretend to sleep through "the President's new A&E special about the history of surveillance."

He found amusement in Obama's call to move the NSA's tapped phone data to a third party agency. "Not even the government trusts the government with our private information!"

As he continued to pick apart Obama's speech, however, Stewart found little optimism in what Obama had to say. He interpreted the speech as that the government "will totally follow the rules, until such a time when we determine that we will no longer follow the rules. And don't worry about it, you won't hear about it, because we're going to do it in secret."

Check out part 1 of Stewart's analysis of the NSA speech above, and part 2 below.