Muhammad Yunus On Defining Success With Money: 'That's The Wrong Way'

Muhammad Yunus, the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner and a member of the B-Team, told HuffPost Live at Davos about the idea of "social business."

"Forget about personal profit making. Once you get out of the personal profit idea, business is a very powerful tool," Yunus said. "You can use it to solve human problems."

Yunus gave his definition of success, noting it's not about money.

"Success means what you intended to do, you did it," Yunus said.

"Money is not the success. Today the entire idea of success is translated into the volume of money you make. That's the wrong way," he continued.

Yunus asked of men and women who are unemployed: "is it his or her fault?"

"The system says, 'We don't need you. You're rejected.' Not just one person, not thousands of people, not millions of people," Yunus said, noting "billions" are "rejected by the system."

Watch Yunus' interview above, and see updates from Davos below: