01/23/2014 12:48 pm ET Updated Jan 24, 2014

Guy Nottadadi Steals Our Heart In 'Guy's Guide To Birth Control'

Anyone looking for a nice guy who cooks, wears an apron and will help pay for birth control? Well, we've found him.

Guy Nottadadi is the star of "Guy's Guide To Birth Control," featured on the website of online birth control support network Bedsider.org. The series of short videos is not only hilarious, but also informative, as Nottadadi candidly addresses the fact that many men know nothing about birth control. While engaging in typical bro-friendly activities, Nottadadi gives them an education. Who says you can't grill a steak while talking about cervical mucus?

Although we love the apron and Guy's extensive knowledge of contraception, our favorite bit of wisdom is: "Hey, taking the pill every day can be kind of a pain. So until they come up with a pill for us, offering to help her with the cost or remembering to take it could be very beneficial to your non-parental status."

Sign us up, please.

[h/t Upworthy]



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