01/23/2014 11:09 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

TV Viewers Say They Don't Like Multitasking While Watching Television

It's become increasingly popular to live-tweet TV shows, or even update our Facebook feed with what we're watching at any given moment. However, the majority of TV watchers claim they prefer a distraction-free viewing experience.

A new study from TiVo, which polled 1,660 households, reveals that 76 percent of viewers prefer it when “their primary focus is actually watching what’s on TV." If viewers do multitask during a show, they claim to either surf the Internet, cook or chat online. And when it comes to looking up something related to a show online, 46 percent say they wait until after it's over.

While trending topics on Twitter may make it look like the entire world is live-tweeting a show, TiVo's study finds that most viewers aren't interested in discussing shows with strangers online. Split between both TiVo subscribers and non-TiVo users, the study found that more than half of the latter group said they only want to discuss TV with people they know.

So why are people setting aside their phones and other distractions to focus on TV? The survey gives credit to the "Game of Thrones" Factor, or shows with "complex plot twists or dialogue" that demand viewers' full attention. More than half of those surveyed agreed that “there are certain shows that are so important to me or so tricky to follow, I make sure not to do other things while I am watching them.”



"Game Of Thrones"