01/23/2014 06:16 pm ET Updated Jan 27, 2014

This Underwater Proposal Almost Went Terribly Wrong (VIDEO)

One woman was so shocked when her boyfriend proposed to her while scuba diving that she almost drowned.

Stephanie Walker was on a scuba diving trip off the coast of Turkey with boyfriend Anthony Taylor when he decided to pop the question 39 feet below ocean's surface, holding up a laminated sign that read "Will you marry me," Yahoo news reported.

The 26-year-old was completely surprised, which didn't bode well for her underwater.

"We were told by the instructors before don't breathe though your nose but when he proposed I definitely did and suddenly everything filled up with water," Walker explained.

According to the report, Walker's gasp caused her mask to fill with seawater and she began choking. Luckily, the scuba instructor was prepared and quickly came to her aid. After adjusting her gear, Walker gave a thumbs up and her boyfriend was able to put the ring on her finger. The British couple plans to marry in 2015.

Check out the video above to watch it all go down.

This is not the first underwater proposal we've seen. In May 2013, a man proposed to his girlfriend while diving near Grand Cayman. That one went a little smoother.

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