01/24/2014 11:42 am ET Updated Jan 24, 2014

Chicago Police Detectives Solve Higher Percentage Of Murders In 2013 As Clearance Rate Improves

Scott Olson via Getty Images

Story by Mark Konkol, courtesy DNAinfo Chicago:

In 2013, the Chicago Police Department did a better job of catching killers.

A retooled homicide detective division flush with 72 newly promoted investigators assigned to probe shootings brought charges in or cleared 30 percent of murders in Chicago last year, according to police data obtained by DNAinfo Chicago.

Detectives cleared 126 of the 415 murders tallied in the city last year— the Police Department's best murder-solve rate in a single year since 2009, the data show.

That's a 5 percentage point improvement from 2012, when the department solved only 25 percent of 506 murders, the lowest clearance rate in 21 years.

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